Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best of Blogs 1

It’s nearly impossible to navigate around the Web without finding a blog of some kind. They’re on everything imaginable so for me they’re usually just easy to tune out.

But, many can be helpful or entertaining. Here are some that I enjoy.
I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a wino but I’m a bit of an ignorant one. The blog is really great for people like me as well as those well-verse in the vine.

Vinography was created by Alder Yarrow on January 14, 2005. Since then, he and other contributors post wine reviews, sake reviews, restaurant reviews, book reviews, editorials and wine events. They also have won six awards from opening to date.

I really like this blog because it’s very straightforward. The site has a readily-available code of ethics and wine rating scale. Basically Yarrow lives up to his last code of ethics which is “No bullshit.” Yet his writing shows his love of wine and that love transfers into his writing.

My favorite part of Vinography is the Messages In a Bottle section where Adler takes a more personal approach to wine loving.

Gridskipper is a travel blog that writes on places around the world. While I have certainly not been around the world, I want to. So, this blog is great for my fantasies of traveling to Europe and Asia.

The site was bought by the Curbed Network a few years ago and has combined Gridskipper with their own blog called The Beach. They’re a self-procraliamed “travel and leisure” blog which covers everything between the best hotels in Paris to the best sex shops in Los Angeles.

What really stuck out to be about this blog is the beautiful pictures that accompany each blog. It’s a simple yet well-packaged site. They do a good job covering as many places as possible and try not to keep focus on one place for too long.

What sets this blogging style apart is that there’s very little actual blog and more supplemental reading on multiple topics. There’s the headline saying what that post is all about then you can choose which ones you’re actually interested in. If they’re not taking that approach they will have a short paragraph telling the subject and then a map to accompany.

I really like this because it gives the reader control. I enjoyed reading everything on this blog. It really made me feel lame though… oh and poor.

Yes! Two of my favorite things: food and ridiculousness.
So Good is a blog that focuses on the way food companies market and advertise. The author, Jon Eick, is a self-proclaimed “humorist and writer with a background in stand-up, improv and sketch comedy. Eick works at a Communications firm and has been working on So Good since August 2007.

This site can be so hilarious at times with good commentary and accompanying pictures. I particularly enjoy the “Would You Rather?” posts which all correspond to food. This, also, is a very simple blog but it incorporates pictures, videos and links.

But by far my favorite post on this blog is the Krispy Kreme Graphic FAIL. I think it’s a great reminder for the media to check, check, double-check and then triple check.

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